Thursday, 5 February 2009


While perusing Shane's musings upon life's essentials, I recalled that I had idly snapped this bedside scene a couple of days back.

I was thinking that it represented (very allusively and essentially, probably ambiguously) most, or even all of the things that, for me, coincide with happiness.

Answers on a postcard, please - preferably one of a windswept coastal resort...

And with that I'll be off to the very scene. In the dark I'll listen to some premium World Service stuff while my toes freeze.

Meanwhile, the other half will nod off.

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Shane said...

The highest praise that I can confer is... I would listen to some of that stuff that you listen to. My podcast archive would be familiar fare to you, I'm sure. Recent highpoints include documentaries on governmental actions against drugs traffickers (Tijuana), plus the discovery of various book review podcasts. Umberto Eco and John Irving (World Book Club) have accounted for many good nights of sleep (a good thing) over the past few months.