Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The REAL Football Factory

Oi! Time for the off!

After I had infiltrated Belper's top boys (average age 73) with a plastic spoon (milky) I lifted from the condiments table, I spent the remaining 86 minutes behind the goal that Leek were attacking. In the lashing wind and driving rain, Groundhog and I were among the *six.*


1-1, ill-deserved equaliser in the dying minutes. Squalid as sport goes. Posh clubhouse though. "We only do Guinness Extra Cold." Ha facking ha.

Photo is licensed under Creative Commons by Jonathan Gill.


Wayne said...

I watched a minute of the YouTube clip... dismaying... that you'd be aware of such a link.

Belper's clubhouse sounds ideal - posh works, though it's the damp journey home that attests your mettle. And for info: it wasn't easy locating the score, online, at about midnight. It shouldn't be this way.

Meanwhile... said...


Do you know... I even had to have an old-fashioned telephone conversation with the chairman to establish whether the match was on. You bet I'm INDIGNANT.

But actually: The Pyramid must not pander to the information age, no.

In other news, I have uncovered an astoundingly good Stoke-based writer (who doesn't know he's good). Or rather, somebody else did it for me. He gave good critique and even better verse. Rare indeed, I'd venture.

Anonymous said...