Monday, 23 March 2009

Social Shrapnel

And so we have our modest furrow near the bottom of the Scotia Valley, complete with soon-to-be murky pond, bodged-up greenhouse and weather-beaten shed-thing.

Currently it's throwing up rather more pottery than produce (see the makings of a fab mosaic once Sam's a little more careful with his hands) but let's give it time - every window sill in the house has been colonised determinedly by gutsy seedlings. There may even be enough celery to prompt a whimsical jaunt to Stamford Bridge later on in the year.

The best thing is the number and variety of connections that are quickly cemented via the twin media of seed and frogspawn. There's even a nice fella with a Harris Hawk and a fire engine (Sam impressed).

With its recycled aesthetic and general cobbled-togetherness, the sum of the whole doesn't seem to pair gracefully with the quasi-marketese guff du jour that is 'social capital' - rather it's earthier (clearly, inherently) and more instantly uplifting. Plus of course, no hint of a large bank loan.

And now, this looks interesting (via White Llama)


Shane said...

I have an 8 year old boy, here, who would be glad of any metal detecting opportunity that might become available on earth that's ready to be turned over. It would be our first proper outing with the detecting kit that his Dad bought him for his birthday.

The Wasted Space link is much appreciated.

Meanwhile... said...

Anytime, Shane. We're away this weekend, but sometime next weekend should be do-able. There's a fair bit of ground that we're not yet using. Be sure to familiarise yourselves with The Treasure Act, 1996 as you are certain to make many discoveries of international significance, e.g. beer bottle cap dated 1936. That kinda thing.